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Past Events

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Speaker(s) / Presenter(s) Date
From Alpha to Omega and Beyond Michael Toland, (University of Kentucky, College of Education) and Domanique Zephyr (University of Kentucky, Statistics and Statistics Laboratory) -
“Democracy at Risk Around the World” with Amaney Jamal; co-sponsored by QPSIR Amaney Jamal -
Annual Conference: Democracy at Risk Melanie Hughes, William Mischler, Elizabeth Zechmeister, Clem Brooks, and Amaney Jamal, -
Faculty Workshop on Private Foundation Grants Thomas Janoski, Margot McCullers, and Bleik A. Pickett -
Graduate Student Grant-Getting at NSF, SSRC, NIJ, & NIH Barbara Duncan, Sarah Lyon, Mark Peffley, Michael Samers, Claire Renzetti, Thomas Janoski -
2-Day Intensive SEM Workshop -
Learn LaTeX with Yu Ouyang Yu Ouyang -
Learn SAS with Mahdi Asgari Mahdi Asgari -
Learn SPSS with Jennifer Jewell Jennifer Jewell -
Learn R Studio with Yu Ouyang Yu Ouyang -
A Gentle Introduction to PROC Mixed In SAS Professor Richard Charnigo -