Robyn Brown

  • Associate Professor of Sociology
  • Health, Society and Populations
  • Sociology
1529 Patterson Office Tower
Research Interests:

Ph.D., Florida State University


Robyn Brown received a Ph.D. from Florida State University in 2010. Her research interests lie primarily within the social determinants of health and connect in significant ways with the fields of social psychology, disability studies and psychiatric epidemiology. 


Dr. Brown's current work examines two broad topics, which are: (1) the impact of adversity in one’s social environment on mental and physical health outcomes, which is reflected in her work on experiences of stigma and social devaluation; and (2) how social context, stressor exposure and psychosocial resources influence mental and physical health, more generally, and in ways that are patterned by gender and one's position in the life course. A current major project considers gender and age cohort variation in the persisting effects of the recent economic recession for mental and physical health outcomes.

Selected Publications: 

Brown, Robyn Lewis, Judith A. Richman, and Kathleen M. Rospenda. Forthcoming. “Economic Stressors and Alcohol-Related Outcomes: Exploring Age Cohort Differences.” Addictive Behaviors.


Brown, Robyn Lewis. 2015. “Perceived Stigma among People with Chronic Health Conditions: The Influence of Age, Stressor Exposure, and Psychosocial Resources.” Research on Aging 37(4):335-360.


Brown, Robyn Lewis. 2014. “The Intersection of Gender and Physical Disability: Considering Appraisals of the Self and Social Relationships.” Sex Roles 71:171-181.


Brown, Robyn Lewis and Judith A. Richman. 2012. “Sex Differences in Mediating and Moderating Processes Linking Economic Stressors, Psychological Distress, and Drinking.” Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs 73:811-819.


Brown, Robyn Lewis and R. Jay Turner. 2012. “Anger in the Experience of Physical Limitations: Assessing the Role of Stress Exposure and Psychosocial Resources.” Society and Mental Health 2(2):69-84.

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