Janet Stamatel

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  • Associate Professor of Sociology
  • Director of Graduate Studies
  • Faculty Affiliate, Center for Equality and Social Justice
  • Center for Equality and Social Justice
  • International Studies
  • Sociology
1571 Patterson Office Tower
Research Interests:

Fall 2018 Office Hours: Wednesdays 12 pm - 2 pm and by appointment



University of Chicago, Sociology, Ph.D. 2004


I am a sociologist specializing in global criminology, political sociology, and quantitative methods.  My primary research agenda addresses why countries vary in their levels and types of crime, how we can best measure that variation, and how we can advance criminological theories to account for macro-level crime differences.  I am especially interested in how political regime changes can contribute to or alleviate social disorder problems, such as crime. Most of my research focuses on crime in Europe, particularly post-communist Eastern Europe. 

Selected Publications: 

Stamatel, Janet P., and Samuel Romans. (2018). “The Effect of Wars on Post-War Homicide Rates: A Replication and Extension of Archer and Gartner.“ Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice 34(3): 287-311.

Stamatel, Janet P., and Chenghui Zhang. (2018). “Risk Factors for Violence against Refugee Women,” pp. 625-646 in Helmut Kury and Slawomir Rado (Eds.). Refugees and Migrants in Law and Policy – Challenges and Opportunities for Global Civic Education. Springer Verlag.

Stamatel, Janet P. (2018). “Three Advantages of Team-Based Learning for Teaching Global Criminology.” Inter-News: Newsletter of the Division of International Criminology, 44: 25-26.

Stamatel, Janet P. (2017). “Cross-National Crime,” in Beth M. Huebner (Ed).  Oxford Bibliographies Online:  Criminology.  New York:  Oxford University Press. http://www.oxfordbibliographies.com/view/document/obo-9780195396607/obo-9780195396607-0082.xml?rskey=8eQLmN&result=40

Stamatel, Janet P. (2017). “The Influence of Political and Economic Regime Types on Macro-Level Property Crime Variation:  The Case of Post-Communist Eastern Europe.” Criminology and Criminal Justice, 17(5): 526-545.

Stamatel, Janet P.  (May 2017). “Studying the Absence of a Social Problem: An Example from Cross-national Criminology.” International Sociological Association E-Symposium. (Invited manuscript)

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