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Edward Morris

Research Interests:
Children and Youth
sociology of education

Ph.D., University of Texas, Austin


My research interests include the intersections of race, class, and gender; sociology of education; and critical studies of masculinity and whiteness. My articles appear in journals such as Social Problems, Symbolic Interaction, Youth & Society, Sociology of Education, Gender & Society, and American Sociological Review. My books include An Unexpected Minority: White Kids in an Urban School (Rutgers University Press 2006), Learning the Hard Way: Masculinity, Place, and the Gender Gap in Education (Rutgers University Press 2012), and Unmasking Masculinity (with Freeden Blume Oeur, Sage 2018).


Selected Publications:


Edward W. Morris. 2012. Learning the Hard Way: Masculinity, Place, and the Gender Gap in Education. Rutgers University Press..

Edward W. Morris. 2006. An Unexpected Minority: White Kids in an Urban School. Rutgers University Press.


Selected Articles:

Edward W. Morris and Brea L. Perry. 2017. "Girls Behaving Badly? Race, Gender, and Subjective Evaluation in the Discipline of African American Girls. Sociology of Education 90: 127-148.

Edward W. Morris and Brea L. Perry. 2016. "The Punishment Gap: School Suspension and Racial Disparities in Achievement." Social Problems 63: 68-86.

Brea L. Perry and Edward W. Morris. 2014. "Suspending Progress: Collateral Consequences of Exclusionary Punishment in Public Schools." American Sociological Review 79: 1067-1087.

Edward W. Morris. 2012. “Repelling the ‘Rutter’: Social Differentiation among Rural Teenagers.” Forthcoming, Symbolic Interaction

Edward W. Morris. 2011. “Bridging the Gap: ‘Doing Gender,’ ‘Hegemonic Masculinity,’ and the Educational Troubles of Boys.” Sociology Compass  5: 92–103.

Edward W. Morris. 2010. “‘Snitches End up in Ditches’ and Other Cautionary Tales.” Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice 26: 245-272.

Edward W. Morris. 2008. “‘Rednecks,’ ‘Rutters’, and ‘Rithmetic: Social Class, Masculinity, and Schooling in a Rural Context.” Gender & Society 22: 728-751.


Current Projects

Currently I'm working on a funded project centering on blindness, identity, and coping. I am interviewing people with retinitis pigmentosa, a gradual form of blindess, to understand identity work and adaptation to major physical and social change.