Claire M. Renzetti

CRE227's picture
  • Professor of Sociology
  • Department Chair
  • College Diversity and Inclusion Officer
  • Judi Conway Patton Endowed Chair for Studies of Violence Against Women
  • Gender and Women's Studies
  • Social Theory
  • Sociology
1501 Patterson Office Tower
  • Other Affiliations:
Research Interests:

My current research projects include: 1) studies of the relationships between religiosity, religious self-regulation and intimate partner violence (IPV) perpetration and victimization, including analysis of the effects of a variety of moderating and mediating variables (e.g., alcohol use, sexism, social dominance orientation, right-wing authoritarianism, empathy) on these relationships; 2) evaluation of a therapeutic horticulture program at a local battered women's shelter; 3) evaluation of law enforcement trainings on identifying and responding to sex trafficking; and 4) secondary analyses of data from the Campus Attitudes Toward Safety (CATS) campus climate survey.  

Selected Publications: 

Renzetti, Claire M., Edleson, Jeffrey L., & Bergen, Raquel K. (Eds.) (2017). Sourcebook on Violence Against Women (3rd ed).  Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE.

Renzetti, C. M., Lynch, K. R., & DeWall, C. N. (2015). Ambivalent sexism, alcohol use, andintimate partner violence perpetration. Journal of Interpersonal Violence. Doi: 10.1177/0886260515604412

Wasarhaley, N. E., Lynch, K. R., Golding, J. G., & Renzetti, C. M. (2015). The impact of gender stereotypes on legal perceptions of lesbian intimate partner violence. Journal of Interpersonal Violence. doi: 10.1177/0886260515586370

Renzetti, C. M., DeWall, C. N., Messer, A., & Pond, R. (2015). By the grace of God: Religiosity, religious self-regulation, and perpetration of intimate partner violence. Journal of Family Issues. doi: 10.1177/0192513X15576964.

Renzetti, C. M., & Follingstad, D. R. (2015). From blue to green: The development and implementation of a therapeutic horticulture program for residents of a battered women’s shelter. Violence & Victims, 30, 676-690.

Renzetti, C. M., Bush, A., Castellanos, M., & Hunt, G. (2015). Does training make a difference? An evaluation of a specialized human trafficking training module for lawenforcement officers.  Journal of Crime and Justice, 38, 334-350.

Renzetti, C.M., Campbell, R.M., & Adair, A. (2014). Building the knowledge base: ResearchFunding through VAWA. CUNY Law Review (Digital article):

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