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Christopher Huggins

Research Interests:
Effects of Urbanism
Crime and Deviance

Ohio State University, Ph.D., 2009


I am currently researching the contextual influences on recidivism, including neighborhood characteristics like poverty and residential instability, as well as county characteristics like employment opportunity.  In addition, I am investigating the causes and consequences of released offender mobility on the reintegration process.  Other research has investigated the social psychological effects of different types of urbanism, including arguing for urbanism’s influence at the societal rather than the local level.  Finally, I hope to start a new project on Crime Prevention through Environmental Design, to test the preventative, deterrent, and social psychological effects of the built environment on criminal offending.

Selected Publications:
Debies-Carl, Jeffrey S. and Christopher M. Huggins*. 2009. “’City Air Makes Free’: A Multi-Level, Cross-national Analysis Of Self-efficacy”.  Social Psychology Quarterly. 72(4):343-364. (* Co-authors)