Ana S. Q. Liberato

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  • Associate Professor of Sociology----Visiting Professor, Sociology Department, University College Dublin, Ireland, 2020-21
  • Gender and Women's Studies
  • Latin American, Caribbean, and Latino Studies
  • Sociology
  • Diversity and Inclusion
1573 Patterson Office Tower
Research Interests:

Ph.D. University of Florida


Ana S.Q. Liberato was born and raised in the Dominican Republic.  She received her master’s in Latin American Studies and doctoral degree in sociology from the University of Florida in 2001 and 2005 respectively.  She has a B.S. in Statistics from the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo.


Dr. Liberato's interests include race, ethnicity, and gender and their interplay with political identity and political attitudes. Dr. Liberato has a special interest in the cultural and political impacts of migration, and the well-being of immigrant populations. She also has a special interest in the political, cultural, and socioeconomic processes taking place in Caribbean and Latin American societies as a consequence of globalization and democratization.

Dr. Liberato is working on two comparative book projects  about 1) Dominican migration to Europe and the United States and 2)migration and mobility in Cuban and Dominican cultures. She’s working on a short book about the gender politics of the Trujillo regime and the legacies of these politics, as well as on several articles connected to these issues. She’s collaborating on a project concerning the theorization of race and ethnicity in the Caribbean and Latin America.

Selected Publications: 


- Comparative Study of Racialization And Belonging  of Dominican Immigrants in the United States, Spain, and Switzerland.

- The Gender Politics of The Trujillo Regime:  An Oral History.

- Im/mobility and Belonging in Contemporary Dominican and Cuban Cultures. (coauthor with Dr. Andrea Morris from Louisiana State University (LSU))



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2021.  Liberato, Ana SQ (Second Author) and Kevin Alejandrez. * Linguistic Resistance in Puerto Rico, In Jose Cobas (ed.), The Spanish Language in the United States: Rootedness, Racialization, and Resistance.  Routledge (Forthcoming, spring 2021).


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2008. Liberato, Ana S.Q, Dana Fennell, and William Jeffries. I Still Remember America: Senior African Americans Talk about Racial Segregation. Journal of African American Studies. Volume 12, Number 3, Pp229-242.


2008. Liberato, Ana (Second author) “Complementary Alternative Medicine Patterns of Use: Methodological Considerations. Complementary Therapies in Medicine 17: 71-77. 

2007. Liberato, Ana S.Q. and Joe R. Feagin. Becoming American and Maintaining Ethnic Identities: The Case of Dominican Americans.  Pp 177-215. In Yoku Shaw-Taylor and Steven A. Tuch (eds.), “The Other African Americans: Contemporary African American Families in the United States.” Rowman & Littlefield Publishers.

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2006. Liberato, Ana S.Q. and Dana Fennell. The Well-being of Industrial Workers: A Quantitative Assessment of the Dominican Case. Perspectives on Global Development and Technology.  Vol. 5 (4): 303-326.

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