Nature Song by TM

The Nature Experiment explores the connection between humans, the natural world, and our reliance upon technology. The idea for this experiment was sparked by our reading of the Richard Louv book, Last Child in the Woods: Saving our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder. The book explores society's disconnection from the natural world and the things children and families collectively lose as a result. The experiment gave students a creative outlet for connecting their lived experiences to the sociological and structural issues discussed through the book. To the right, students have shared their reflections regarding four topics- 1) Their past and current experiences with nature, 2) Their current reliance upon technology, 3) Their knowledge of where their food comes from, and 4) Their predictions for humans and natural environment in the future. Through sharing these stories we hope you will reflect upon how these issues impact your own lives and those of your family and future generations.

-Lisa Conley, Instructor and students from the Fall 2012 course Sociology of the Family (SOC 334)