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Internships are a great way to apply the skills and perspectives you have gained in Sociology to assist community groups and to gain valuable work experience.

Internships step by step:

a. Connect with a worksite or agency that is willing to host the internship.
b. Communicate interest in internship to prospective faculty advisor OR the Sociology DUS the semester before the start of internship.
c. Complete the SOC 399: Practicum in Sociology learning contract.
d. Turn in a copy of the completed and signed learning contract to the sociology front office.
e. Register for SOC 399.
f. Provide the internship site supervisor with a copy of the learning contract.

Determine credit hours and work hours for the internship with the following guidelines:

1 credit = 48 total work hours
2 credits = 96 total work hours
3 credits = 144 total work hours

Divide the total number of work hours by the number of weeks you will be working to find how many hours you will need to work each week (a 3 credit internship would require 9 hours of work per week over 16 weeks)

Past internship sites: Fayette County Fatherhood Initiative, Lexington-Fayette Urban Government Human Rights Commission, Seed Leaf, Lexington Police Department, and Visually Impaired Preschool (VIP) Program, AVOL, UK Police, Blackburn Correctional Complex, Lexington Housing Authority, Lexington Division of Police, God’s Pantry, Maxwell Presbyterian Church, YMCA Black Achievers Program,  William Wells Brown Community Center, East 7th Street Kid’s Café, YMCA, All-Inclusive Programs

Other possible internship sites: Kentuckians for the Commonwealth, Community Farm Alliance, International Book Project Organization, Food Chains, United Way, The Nature Conservancy, Habitat for Humanity ReStore, Bluegrass Chapter of Sierra Club, Greenhouse 17, Faith Feeds,  Lexington Rescue Mission, Shepherd Higher Education Consortium on Poverty, Fayette County District Court, and Fayette County Public School System’s Family Resource Centers.

Note: These sites are listed as possibilities. Some sites on this list may no longer accept interns. It is acceptable to select a site not listed above, as long as the internship will have sociological relevance.


For assistance, you should contact the A&S Advising office or Director of Undergraduate Studies, Dr. Jordan Brown at  Also, visit the Stuckert Career Center