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Tony Love


2012 Ph.D., Sociology, Texas A&M University

2008 M.S., Sociology, Texas A&M University

2004 B.S., Sociology, Texas A&M University


Tony Love was raised near Blossom, Texas, which is a suburb of the sprawling metropolis of Paris, Texas. It was there that he fell in love and married his high school sweetheart, Melissa. In those first years of marriage, Tony worked in a Sara Lee factory to pay the bills. It didn't take long for him to realize that completing college should be a priority in his life.  Little did he know that he would spend the rest of his life pursuing his passion in Sociology. Along the way, he became a father to four sons, his greatest treasure and most important ongoing research projects.


Dr. Love is a social psychologist and a criminologist. His recent work focuses on the social psychological aspects of crime and deviant behavior. He has published in the areas of juvenile delinquency and intimate partner victimization. In addition to his recent criminological research, he has studied social psychological issues such as role-taking, identity change, and problems in current sociological methodology.  Dr. Love enjoys conducting social psychological experiments, and if known outside of UK for anything, it is most likely for a National Science Foundation sponsored experimental study of the relationships among power, gender, and the ability to accurately take the role of the other.  Recently, Dr. Love became an Honorary Lecturer at the Australian National University in Canberra, Australia in conjunction with a generous grant from the ANU Future's Scheme to conduct research on role-taking. You can learn more about role-taking and the project at

Selected Publications:
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