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SEBE223's picture
Associate Professor of Sociology, Core Faculty, Environmental & Sustainability Studies Program
Environmental Justice, Gender & Women's Studies, Social Movements, Energy & Society, climate change, Environmental Sociology
1567 Patterson Office Tower
billing's picture
Professor of Sociology
Social inequality, Appalachian and regional studies, Sociological Theory, Sociology of Religion, Rural Poverty
1577 Patterson Office Tower
jtbr243's picture
Lecturer, Department of Sociology
Emotion in the framing of political issues, Internet to organize and mobilize social movement actors
1563 Patterson Office Tower
rlbr237's picture
Assistant Professor of Sociology
Mental health; Sociologies of Health; Illness and Disability; Sex and Gender; Aging and the Life Course; Families
1529 Patterson Office Tower
mjca245's picture
Political Science
Centerville, OH
jlco223's picture
Department Manager Associate, Department of Sociology
1515 Patterson Office Tower
(859) 257-6896
edail2's picture
Academic Advisor, College of Art & Sciences, Assistant Director of Transfer Recruitment
cde233's picture
Professor of Sociology
Political Sociology of Latin America with emphasis on populism and democracy & racism and citizenship
1533 Patterson Office Tower
ksen223's picture
1505 Patterson Office Tower
jfe233's picture
Assistant Professor of Education Policy and Sociology
sociology of education, education policy, social networks, intergenerational mobility, organizational theory
145C Taylor Education Building
jghoug2's picture
Professor of Sociology
Sociology of Organizations, Industry in Community Context, Education and Society, Evaluation Research
1565 Patterson Office Tower
CMHU225's picture
Lecturer, Sociology Department
Recidivism, Effects of Urbanism, Crime and Deviance
1575 Patterson Office Tower
tjanos's picture
Professor of Sociology, Director of the Quantitative Initiative in the Policy and Social Science (QIPSR)
Political economy and unemployment, Citizenship and Civil Society, The Welfare State, Volunteering and Social policy, Immigration and Naturalization, Comparative and Historical Methodology, Sociology of Work
1525 Patterson Office Tower; Lexington, KY 40506-0027
aslibe2's picture
Associate Professor of Sociology, Director of Graduate Studies
Race, ethnicity, gender, Migration & Mobility, Political Sociology, Cultural studies, Well Being & Health
1573 Patterson Office Tower
tplo222's picture
Assistant Professor
Criminology, Social psychology, Experimental methods
1561 Patterson Office Tower
mmo272's picture
Assistant Professor of Sociology
medical sociology, medicalization, patient-physician interaction, gender, mixed methods, sleep, aging and life course
1527 Patterson Office Tower
soc168's picture
Professor of Sociology
Rural Sociology, Social Movements, Food security, Sociology of agriculture
1523 Patterson Office Tower
ewmo222's picture
Associate Professor of Sociology Director of Undergraduate Studies
Children and Youth, Qualitative Methods, Race, gender, sociology of education
1569 Patterson Office Tower
cboser0's picture
Associate Professor of Sociology, Co-Director of the Health, Society, & Population (HSP) Program
health services, health disparities, HIV risk behaviors/interventions, corrections, social networks, implementation science, and substance abuse among rural, minority, and/or criminal justice populations
1531 Patterson Office Tower
859-257-6890, 859-323-3792
krra226's picture
PhD Student
1553 Patterson Office Tower


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