Symposium on Emerging Technologies and Sustainability: Interactions Between Science and Society

12/01/2017 - 12:00pm to 3:30pm
W.T. Young Library

A key to our common future is the development of technologies, practices and policies to address challenges associated with providing food, energy, water and transport to a growing population. This panel discussion is organized around the themes of food, energy, water, and transport with experts from the broad disciplinary categories of Science/Engineering, Economics/Business and Policy/Society. The aim will be to bring together participants that cut across these themes and disciplinary areas to discuss the challenges and solutions involved in developing and implementing new technologies to increase the sustainability of food, energy, water and transport systems. All members of the community (UK and Beyond) are invited.


JULIA BURSTEN | Nanoscience/Philosophy | Department of Philosophy

PAUL VINCELLI | Biotechnology/Agricultural Science | Department of Plant Pathology

KEIKO TANAKA | Food Systems/Social Science | Department of Sociology

KENNETH GRAHAM | Renewable Energy/Chemistry |Department of Chemistry

MICHAEL SAMA | Autonomous Vehicles and Robotics/Engineering| Department of Biosystems & Ag. Engineering

Lunch served in Alumni Gallery