I went to see Paul McCartney; a former Beatle, for those of you unfortunate people who do not know who he is; play this weekend at the ballpark stadium in Cincinnati, OH on his last show of his 'Paul Mccartney on the run tour.' This show was much more entertaining than I had expected. I mean he is a Beatle and I expected it to be great as it was and all, but I expected him to play a lot of his solo work in the phase I kind of ignored him, i.e. his work after band on the run and wings. However; he was not a disappointment in any way. It is amazing how much enthusiasm he has kept his entire career for playing for his fans. He made sure to notice all of his fans that were holding signs and constantly kept me laughing with his quirky ways. In between songs he always found a way to mention his fans' signs; such as, a man holding a sign that said "Sign my wife" while an arrow pointed to a woman to his left, who was also holding a sign which said "I'm the wife, sign me." In his second encore, Paul had the security guards bring the couple on stage, along with four women all dressed in Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band costumes; to the stage to be viewed by the full ballpark's audience. Paul McCartney signs the wife's shoulder and hugs her, I'm sure that when the couple made those signs they didn't actually think that McCartney would bring them on stage to sign her, or even notice and point out their sign at the least. That's when it dawned on me that I was watching a member of the Beatles in concert, he was within 50 yards of him. My father, the influencer of my love of them, has never been able to say that he has seen a Beatle in concert. This thought is very interesting, but only for a second and that is all. And there you go.