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Beth Guiton Named Emerging Investigator by Materials Research Express

Assistant Professor of Chemistry Beth Guiton was named an Emerging Investigator in Materials Science.  In their first special collection dedicated to showcasing the research of early-career materials science researchers, the board members of the publication Materials Research Express chose to highlight Guiton in their collection, aimed at presenting the best cutting-edge research in materials science and engineering.  Guiton’s research features the observation of lithium diffusion into lithium-doped zinc oxide nanowires.

Citation: "Direct observation of Li diffusion in Li-doped ZnO nanowires." G. Li, L. Yu, B. M. Hudak, Y.-J. Chang, H. Baek, A. Sundararajan, D. R. Strachan, G.-C. Yi, and B. S. Guiton*  Mater. Res. Express 3, 054001 (2016)